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er.But Culture Minister Francoise Nyssen told the Figaro newspaper on Monday that "we will offer him another place".The tulips should be erected somewhe▓re "popular, visible and shared by everyone," she adde▓d.A park in the north of Paris has been tipped as a possible alternati

ve, according to a source from the park'▓s management.A source familiar with the discussion said Koons' representatives were not happy to learn through the media that the Palais de Tokyo had been ruled out.In▓ January, artists, gallery owners and officials, including▓ former c

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ulture minister Frederic Mitterrand▓, signed an open letter objecting to the planned memorial▓.T

he letter described Koons as an "emblem of industrial art which is spectacular and speculative" and slammed the cost of installing the 35-tonne sculpture."We appreciate gifts, but free ones,"

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us on WechatChinese Basketball Association i▓nvites players without recruitment offerChinese Basketball A▓ssociation invites players without recruitment offerChinese Basketball Association invit

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Sunday announced a 17-member squad for Team Blue, which will play against Iran on Wednesday. Star players including Guo A▓ilun, Yi Jianlian and Han Dejun are not on▓ the list while Team Red


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